Moscow – Nice Train


Would you like to visit Cote d’-Azur in France?

A comfortable train “Moscow-Nice” is at your service.

During the travel you will see tiled roofs of Czech country houses and architecture of Vienna, Austrian Alps and medieval castles, vineyards in Italy and old side streets in Genoa. The final route district will go along the inimitable Mediterranean Sea.

About the route

Historical note

Service classes

Buffet car


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About the route

Comfortable train №17/18 “Moscow-Nice” runs all year-round once a week.

You will leave Moscow (Byelorussian station) on Thursday, and the Saturday morning you will be in Nice. Travel time will be 47 hours and 16 minutes in forward direction and 46 hours 43 minutes in backward direction. Two days of pleasant journey and you are in Nice.

Travelling by train you will really explore Europe.

Moscow-Nice is one of the longest transeuropean route – 3 315 km.

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Historical note
Moscow-Nice route was popular with Russian aristocracy of XIX century. It exists since 1864, when first trains started running from Russia to Nice. The railway connection had existed until 1914. 23rd of September 2010 renewed Moscow-Nice railway route was opened. It almost directly follows the route that connected Russia with Southern France in XIX-XX centuries.

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Service classes
Comfortable as at home!

Travel to France or Italy will not seem tiresome.

“Moscow-Nice” trains are composed of Luxury cars (VIP), sleeping cars (two-passenger, of RIC dimensions), tourist cars (four-passenger, of RIC dimensions), there also operates a buffet car.

There are air conditioners and wash basins in every car and portable toilets and showers , which may be used even at stops.

Cars are equipped with sleeping provisions and sanitary and hygienic aids of improved quality. Drinking water, tea, confectionery, printed press, souvenirs and other goods are always at your service.

Luxury cars (VIP):

The travelling passengers are allowed to make use of Grand Voyageur waiting room services that is located at the Nice station and is free of charge (upon the Luxury car ticket).

Sleeping cars (compartments for 2 passengers):

Tourist cars (compartments for 4 passengers):


We are happy to see you!

Travelling by the “Moscow-Nice” train will leave you in the most favourable impression!

The best staff of the «Federal Passengers Company” train crews was selected for your service. They passed training in accordance with a special program that includes study of psychology, ethics, passenger service culture and advanced course of foreign languages: German, English and French.

Polite and kind staff will help you with accommodation in a car and with solving all the questions that arise.

Buffet car

A buffet car operates through the entire trip (except for Brest-Warsaw district) Passengers are offered with a wide choice of hot plates, starters, salads, desserts, hot and fresh beverages, as well as high-end alcoholic drinks. Menu is provided in Russian and in English, it includes dishes of Russian and European cuisine.

If you like privacy and you wouldn’t like to leave your compartment, the car attendant will help calling the waiter and ordering breakfasts, dinners and suppers as well as other items from the buffet car with delivery to your compartment.

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№17 №18
Time Station Time
Arr. Dep. Arr. Dep.
  10-18 Moskva Belorusskaya 21-30
13-10 13-33 Vyazma 18-35 18-56
15-21 15-26 Smolensk Center 16-32 17-37
17-49 17-02 Orsha Center 15-00 15-14
19-20 19-33 Minsk pass. 12-21 12-34
23-10 01-15 Brest Center 06-41 08-40
00-33 01-13 Terespol 04-09 04-55
03-17 04-01
Warsaw Vshodnya
00-51 02-02
04-07 04-12
Warsaw Center
00-40 00-45
06-57 07-05 Katowice 21-59 22-08
08-08 08-13 Zebrzydowice 20-47 20-56
08-31 08-33 Bogumin 20-23 20-25
10-47 11-18 Břeclav 17-50 18-10
12-32 12-41
Vienna Haupt.
16-37 16-41
14-18 14-26 Linz Haupt. 14-58 15-06
21-19 21-44 Insbruk 09-13 09-38
23-44 23-46 Boltsano 06-24 06-27
01-16 01-36
Verona Porta Nuova
04-16 04-36
02-55 02-57
Milan Rogoredo
02-47 02-49
04-34 04-54
Genoa Piazza Principe
00-57 01-15
06-57 06-59
23-03 23-05
07-10 07-12 Bordighera 22-53 22-55
07-25 07-51 Ventimiglia 22-27 22-46
08-02 08-04 Menton 22-12 22-14
08-12 08-14
Monte Carlo
22-02 22-04
08-34 Nice 21-47


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